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Undelete Photos from SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) is a memory card format which is developed by various companies like Panasonic, SanDisk, and Toshiba for use in portable devices. An SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is an ultra small flash memory card designed to provide high-capacity memory in a small size. It is widely used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, handheld computers, notebooks, PDAs, media players, mobile phones, GPS receivers, and video games.

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SD card is the most widely used flash card type as many people use them to store their precious pictures and photos. Because of this wide use, accidental deletions can happen to any of you. Even when you take utmost care to avoid the deletion from SD card, the day may still come when you have to face it. At that point, to recover deleted photos from SD card, you need SD Photo Recovery, the best photo recovery software in the market. Visit to get the Mac version

Some scenarios that may delete your important pictures from the SD Card –

  • Accidental deletion of SD Card photos – You were deleting an unwanted photo & due to a slight distraction you might accidentally delete a picture that you love the most or some of your most cherished moments.

  • Images deleted due to intentional/unintentional formatting – Pictures deleted when you intentionally formatted the SD memory card to make space for the new ones to be added & later realized that you had some important images in there and you don’t even have a backup. Another case can be, suppose you were deleting some images & by mistake you pressed “Delete All” or the “Format” button on your SD card. All your favorite pictures will be lost within friction of seconds.

  • SD Card corruption leading to deletion of pictures – When the SD card gets corrupted due to a transferring error or due to improper removal from the camera or phone, there are possibilities that some or all of your pictures and other data get deleted.

  • Serious virus infection – If you connect your camera or phone containing the SD memory card to a virus infected system, that virus might also affect the SD card & even delete the images.

  • Photos deleted using Shift+Delete or only Delete button – Photos deleted from the SD card (while it was connected to a system), using “Delete” key or using the “Shift+Delete” key combination are permanently deleted from the card. The deleted files do not reside in the Recycle Bin.

Features of SD Card deleted photo recovery Software –

  • Undelete photos from SD card that is formatted or corrupted.
  • Recover deleted photos from sd card of JPEG images, BMP files, GIF, PNG images and other image formats. Peek In to get info about how to restore JPEG files
  • Powerful & fast scanning algorithm that locates deleted photos easily and efficiently.
  • SD Card deleted photo recovery software supports recovery of images on Mac & Windows OS.
  • Preview option to enable the users to view the pictures before recovering them.
  • It can recover photos from iPhoto and other photo editing application like Picasa.

Steps to undelete photos from SD card–

1. Download & install the demo version of SD Card Deleted Photo recovery Tool to undelete photos from SD card.

2. Upon running you will find three options on the main screen, “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” & “Recover Partitions/Drives”. Select “Recover Photos” options to undelete photos from SD card.

SD Card Photo Recovery - Main Screen

3. Click “Recover Deleted Photos” option on the next screen to recover deleted photos from SD card.

SD Card Photo Recovery - Recover Deleted Photos

4. Select the SD card connected to the system.

SD Card Photo Recovery - Select affected SD card

5. Preview & save the recovered pictures on the drive other than the SD memory card.

SD Card Photo Recovery - Save Recovered files

Note : If you have accidentally deleted photos from Recycle Bin then read how to get back pictures deleted from recycle bin in this link

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